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Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in India

Updated: Aug 26, 2021


Having a good time is the best way to describe

No need to introduce yourself to Goa. Goa is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India for couples. Sunny beaches, stunning Portuguese architecture, hot glasses of feni, a vibrant nightlife, and a spicy vindaloo are just a few of For those of you who are unfamiliar with Goa You may fall in love again and over again in Goa with the dazzling sun in the background.

Romantic Activities:

- Take in the breathtaking sunset views from Fort Chapora with your loved one.

- Grab a few drinks, walk hand in hand on the white beach, and relax in a hut.

- Dance the night away at some of Goa's best clubs, including LPK (Love Passion Karma), Mamb's Etc.

- Spend some time relaxing and rubbing away the aches and pains of the wedding celebrations.

Where to Stay:

Well, Their are number of places to stay in Goa. Such as Planet Hollywood Beach Resort, Taj Exotica, The Zuri White Sands, W Goa and a lot more.

But don't worry, We at GoingForTour are always here to find out best deals according to your budget anytime and every time.

Kerala (Munnar):

It's time to unwind on your honeymoon

In Kerala, you'll find everything from mountains to lakes to spas to spice farms to houseboats. Stroll through the tea plantations, breathe in the fresh air, or relax on the veranda of a house. It is impossible to get enough of Kerala's backwaters and natural pleasures.

Romantic Activities:

- Indulge in a relaxing spa treatment.

- If you are staying in Alleppey or Kumarakom, take a houseboat trip. While gliding by the palm-fringed backwaters, don't forget to sip champagne.

- Our chauffer driven cars will take you to all untouched natural places in Wayanad.

- While sitting on the dock next to Chinese catamarans, watch the sun set along the horizon.

Where to Stay:

Well, just like any other tourist location, there are a variety of alternatives here as well, such as Sterling Munnar, Taj Malabar Resort And Spa Cochin, The Fog Resort And Spa, Taj Bekal, and so on. And how can we forget those beautiful houseboats in Alleppey, but don't worry, we've got your back. GoingForTour will assist you in planning your Dream Honeymoon; simply contact one of our Travel Specialists for more information :)

Kashmir (Gulmarg):

Style of Honeymoon: Luxurious

Kashmir is the ideal destination for honeymooners, with views that rival those of Switzerland.

The pure white snow and accompanying chilly weather will have you and your partner snuggling up in front of a fire (or heater) in no time, while admiring the panoramic views outside your window. Take the time to enjoy the native flavours and food, explore the snow-capped mountains, the lines of wild flowers, and the beautiful Dal Lake with your loved one, and you'll realise why Kashmir's beauty is unparalleled.

Romantic Activities:

- Ride the Gondola together. The view of Gulmarg at 14,000 feet is extraordinary.

- In Gulmarg, take a walk up to Strawberry Valley and enjoy the finest strawberries.

- Sail along the Dal Lake in Srinagar and experience the classic scene from the film Kashmir Ki Kali, in which Shammi Kapoor romances Sharmila Tagore on a shikara. This is your chance to make the movie life a reality.

Where to Stay:

So, no names this time, lol. Simply leave it to us. We'll be more than pleased to use our knowledge to make your vacation lovely. Honeymoons are more about leisure, so instead of going to the trouble of finding the right hotel, leave it to us :) Remember "GoingForTour" is the name. XD

Andamans (Neil Island):

Relaxing/Beach Honeymoon Style

Andaman and Nicobar Islands should be at the top of your list of honeymoon locations since they are a beach paradise unlike any other. Andamans is an excellent destination for honeymooners, with sun-kissed beaches, a splash of history, and world-class water sports. You don't need to travel to Thailand, the Maldives, or Mauritius when you can gaze out your window at the gleaming lighthouses dotting neighbouring isles or walk the white sands of Asia's greatest beaches. Andamans provides the ideal setting for couples to create endless memories.

Romantic Activities:

- Under the skies, a candle-lit supper on the beach. (What a lovely setting!)

- Any diver's dream, the Andaman Sea's crystal blue waters Embark on a journey to discover the rich marine life together.

- Never miss a sunset, especially at Sunset Point, located on the beach's west side.

Where to Stay:

I'll tell you what I'm going to say now.

Stay At GoingForTour Lol! Jokes apart call us to find best resorts for you and your loved ones. :)

Rajasthan (Udaipur):

Style of Honeymoon: Culture/Classic Romance

Is Udaipur as spectacular as it is portrayed in Bollywood? Yes, the answer is yes. Udaipur is one of India's most romantic destinations, thanks to its famous palaces, museums, and glistening lakes. Experience the Raj era with your loved one as you walk through the streets of Udaipur, taking in the colours and diversity of culture. There is much to do in Udaipur, or you may opt to relax on the peacefulness of the lake boat excursions, enjoy its bustling art scenes, and take back a honeymoon to remember.

Romantic Activities:

- Choose one of the magnificent palaces as the setting for your post-wedding photographs.

- Take a sunset boat ride on Lake Pichola and watch the road sparkle as the sun sets.

- the city's numerous rooftop eateries, take in Udaipur's lighted skyline.

Where to Stay:

Connect with GoingForTour, Trust me this'll be your second best decision in life, Of course first was choosing your partner ( Congratulations for that ).

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