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Krabi is one of Thailand’s top tourist destinations thanks to its plentiful natural attractions, including white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, extensive coral reefs, numerous caves, waterfall and gorgeous islands. Although Phuket is more popular among tourists, Krabi offers a whole different experience that is best if you are looking for a place to relax.


While preparing for my trip, I could rarely find a 3D2N guide to Krabi, and it made me worried whether my plan to conquer Krabi within 48 hours would be impossible. But, my fears were proven wrong


Getting There

The best thing about Krabi is their accessibility! There are more than 10 domestic flights from Bangkok every single day as well as several international flights going to Krabi International Airport. Also, there are lots of buses and cabs in the airport premise that will get you to your accommodation.


For solo (or couple) travellers who are tight on budget, you can take a shuttle bus from the airport to Ao Nang or Krabi Town. Otherwise, a cab will be a faster option for those who have extra cash to spare.

monkey in krabi Monkey on a coconut truck during our trip from Krabi town to Ao Nang  

Although you can visit Krabi all year round, the best time to travel here is November-March, when humidity is not too high, and the weather is relatively cooler


Places to Stay

Ao Nang Beach was and is still the most popular among travellers for its convenience and strategic location. Ao Nang is located just beside the ocean while the main Krabi Town is still some distance away. This is why most people will go straight to Ao Nang Beach. This beautiful beach town houses a good range of accommodation, from cheap hostels to luxurious hotels — that’s what makes this town perfect for all kinds of travellers.


Night – Local Food and Happy Hour

krabi street food


Time to eat some real Thai food! Indulge yourself by strolling around the main road and getting some of their street food. My favourite? Pad Thai, coconut ice cream, and mango fruit juice… and also, mango sticky rice, tom yam, green curry… (probably I should stop here). No trip to Thailand is ever complete without trying their street food!


krabi street food


Besides great food, Ao Nang also offers a very vibrant nightlife although it may not be as famous as Phuket’s. Walk into one of those pubs to enjoy some local beers along with some live music. We really loved the relaxed night atmosphere at Ao Nang, which was neither too loud nor too quiet for our preference.



Krabi is lying right next to Phuket, and it is an ideal destination for those looking for a one-stop destination where you can enjoy pretty much everything such as incredible beaches, fun outdoor activities, and sightseeing!


Krabi is just as beautiful as Phuket, and it is quieter and perhaps even more charming in its own way. To help you experience Krabi to the fullest, we have compiled a list of some of the best things to do and see in Krabi.

  1. Islands Hopping
Krabi is a huge province with a group of beautiful islands located in the southern part of Thailand. There are countless islands in Krabi, and here are the must-visit island destinations you can go to from Krabi.  

1) James Bond Island (Phang Nga Bay)

Since it was featured in the James Bond movie in 1974, the James Bond Island has been a must-visit place for tourists. Phang Nga Bay, where the James Bond Island is located, offers a jaw-dropping seascape. In Phang Nga Bay, there are many small islands besides the James Bond Island. Joining a tour by speedboat is the easiest way to immerse yourself in the beauty of Phang Nga Bay. During the James Bond Island (Phang Nga Bay) tour, you will visit 3-4 islands in Phang Nga Bay, exploring the caves and canoeing. You will have some time to swim and chill by the beach also. It’s a nice day suitable for people who want to have a relaxing day riding a boat and watching the beautiful landscapes.


2) Rok Islands

The Rok Islands are divided into 2 islands which are Koh Rok Nai and Koh Rok Nok. They are small and very untainted island paradises where you can see an impressive coral reef system and pristine white-sand beaches. The Rok Islands have a thriving underwater ecosystem, which makes divers and snorkelers have the best underwater experiences. There is no public boat service to the Koh Rok Islands, thus you will need to take a day trip from Krabi. Rok Island tours are not available from May to October as the islands are closed during this time.


3) Hong Island

Hong Island is a fascinating island with its beautiful lagoon, which is very clean and clear. In Thai, ‘Hong’ means ‘room’. This island has a peculiarly shape, creating a lagoon at the center of the island. The water level in the lagoon is not too high, thus it is safe to play in, even for kids.


Unlike the Rok Islands, this island is open all-year round, and the recommended period to visit is from November to May.


4) 4 Islands Hopping Tour

The 4 Islands Tour is one of the most popular day trips from Krabi. It takes you to the group of islands closest to the coast – the ones that can be seen on the horizon from the Ao Nang Beach. The four islands are Koh Poda, Koh Poda Nok (Chicken Island), Koh Tup and Koh Mor. The tour also stops off at the beautiful Phra Nang Cave Beach and Railay Beach. These beaches are actually on the peninsula, but they are only accessible by boat. Railay Beach is also considered to be one of the most beautiful strips of sand in the world.


Chicken Island: It is well known for its limestone that looks like the shape of a chicken. This is a famous spot for snorkeling. Tup Island (Koh Tup): It is one of the most stunning places in Thailand. If you go there when the tide level is low, you will see the sand dune that looks like it’s dividing the sea into 3 parts! Poda Island (Koh Poda): It is famous for its white beaches, turquoise water, and the huge rock in front of it . The rock looks somewhat similar to James Bond Island. Railay Beach: It is located on the peninsula, but it is not accessible through the mainland. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Also, Railay is one of the top rock climbing locations in the world. For those who are interested in outdoor climbing, Railay is a must-visit destination in Thailand, It is also possible to visit the 4 Islands and Phi Phi Islands on the same day. If you want to take a day tour taking you to the Phi Phi Islands & 4 Islands, click here:

5) Phi Phi Islands


The Phi Phi Islands are probably the most popular spots near Krabi. There are numerous Phi Phi Island tours departing from Phuket and Krabi, and normally the tours from Krabi are cheaper than the ones from Phuket, as they are closer to Krabi. Also, it will take less time to get there, thus you can beat the crowd before it gets busy.

You can either take a day tour to the Phi Phi Islands from Krabi or simply just take a ferry to Phi Phi Don and make your own DIY tour as there are countless things to do in Phi Phi Don.



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