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Dubai Travel Blog and Guide

Where to Stay in Dubai

This is a little tricky because much of it is personal taste. There are some hugely luxurious coastal resort hotels for holiday makers but there are also thousands of options within the different areas of the city  and on The Creek. It really depends what you want to get out of your trip. For the ultimate Dubai experience, try looking at Atlantis the Palm or Burj al Arab on Jumeira Beach, you’ll need a fat wallet but it would be an experience never to forget.


We tend to go for apartment style hotels for stopovers of a few days.They include kitchens and washing machines, that make our life easier and are towards the more budget-friendly end.


The Golden Sands series of apartment hotels in Bur Dubai are popular and usually have swimming pools.  They are away from the coast but in a central area.  

Consider transport options. As a family of four we generally find taxis are easier and cheaper than the Dubai metro


Getting Around Dubai


Dubai has two metro lines, red and green, which cover most of the tourist areas in and around the city.


The red line heads south as far as Jebel Ali. Tickets are per zone.

  For tourists you can buy a red NOL card which allows travel on all metro, bus and tram networks.  

You can pre load your card with the amount of money and zones you wish to use.


I don’t really recommend catching the metro as for us it has always been over crowded. On each occasion we’ve used it we’ve had to wait for several full trains to pass before we could force our way on. The ladies only carriages didn’t offer any advantage when travelling as a family.


Taxis are a convenient way of getting around the city if you’re only going to a few places. For a family of 4 the cost isn’t much more than the metro. They are all metered and you won’t need to haggle. Just be cautious during peak hour when you could be stuck on one of the many large roads in gridlock traffic.

Buses are common across Dubai but unless you really know where you are going then I wouldn’t worry.  The NOL card will include travel on buses if you want to have a go.


Arriving at Dubai’s Airports


Dubai has two airports located at opposite ends of the city. The Dubai International Airport with code DXB and the newer Al Makthoum International Airport with code DWC. Dubai International (DXB) is the main airport and is one of the worlds busiest in terms of international travellers. It has 3 terminals in total and terminals 1 and 3 (exclusively Emirates and Qantas) are connected via a walk way but terminal 2 is on the other side of the airport. Getting into Dubai from DXB is easy with multiple options from taxis, private hire transfers, buses and even the metro trains which stop at both terminal 1 and 3 or terminal 2 on a separate line.


Dubai With Kids

Dubai with kids blog guide

There are some superb things to do in Dubai with kids, for fun and for educational value.

Dubai is absolutely, without doubt one of the best and easiest places in the world to take kids. There are hundreds of ultra fun, family and kid friendly things to do in Dubai. My children love the camel safari we mentioned above, but there’s also the mall, beaches, pools and theme parks. Just some of the attractions for kids in Dubai are below.

  Kidzania Dubai Mall Sega World Dubai Mall The Ice Rink at Dubai Mall Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Dubai Mall Desert Safaris as mentioned here Legoland Dubai IMG World of Adventure Theme Park Kite Beach OliOli Bounce Dubai Wild Wadi Water Park near Jumeira Beach VR World Dubai Mall Dubai City Walk Aquaventure Water Park at Atlantis the Palm Dancing Fountains at the Burj Khalifa Dolphin Bay at Atlantis the Palm    


What to Wear in Dubai

Surprisingly, there are no hard and fast restrictive dress rules around Dubai. You’ll see women fully covered through personal choice while others wear swimsuits at the beach and around pools


However, if you’re heading to the mall, a restaurant, market or really, any public place. Show some respect. Certain items are not allowed, very short short and skirts, crop tops, strappy tops and so on. Cover up from shoulders to knees and all should be well. Men should also show similar respect.


The locals always seemed dressed to the nines and you’ll be amazed by the well groomed, fragrant, dazzlingly white robed men and their immaculately made up partners. Even if you can only see eyes, those eyes will be faultless and captivating.


Can You Drink the Tap Water in Dubai

Nearly all the drinking water in Dubai comes from desalination. The government states that it is safe to drink when it leaves the processing plants. 80% of locals don’t drink the water blaming bad taste and the pipes that carry it.

We’re happy brushing our teeth with tap water but wouldn’t be drinking glasses of it.


What to Take With You to Dubai

There’s very little that you’d need to pack for Dubai that you can’t buy there. Dubai culture revolves around shopping, they’ll have what you need.  You’ll be in a city, so the sort of travel gadgets we normally recommend are redundant. Theft isn’t a big worry but think about anti theft bags and devices particularly for the souks. Dubai is one of the places that we visit to stock up on things like good quality jeans and underwear, so don’t over-pack.


That’s it for now. We’re heading to Dubai again this autumn so this post will be updated yet again and more content added. It was a pleasure creating this Dubai travel blog and guide to help you plan your trip to Dubai and UAE.



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