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Bali – the island of the gods. They say that when you touch down in Bali, that you can feel the energy of the island. As soon as people arrive in Bali,  they “get it”. Bali isn’t a place to be seen, yet something to be felt and experienced.

Of all the  countries I’ve traveled to around the world, Bali is my favourite. I find myself spending most of my time here these days and it’s no surprise that people are constantly asking me for advice on what to see and do, which has inspired this travel guide to help you plan your trip to Bali. Keep in mind, there is a lot to cover so this will be one part in a series of blog posts on the topic.

You should also be warned, Most Of The Travelers end up staying in Bali longer than they planned or anticipated – yes, it’s that awesome.

The first step in planning your trip to Bali is figuring out the different areas of the island that you’ll want to go. There are a bunch of different towns in Bali, each with their own unique vibe and identity, yet no more than 1.5 hours away from each other. This makes for a lot to see, explore, and discover. Understanding the areas will help you determine where you want to spend most of your time on the island.


Seminyak is essentially a nicer and calssier version of Kuta. There are pretty much two areas of Seminyak. One is just a resort town. Literally, just resorts… so if you’re looking for a local and authentic experience, you’ll want to avoid this part. The other part is again, touristy, but it does have a really nice beach and some awesome places along the beach to chill, grab a drink and listen to some live music. It’s worth checking out for maybe a day to hit up the beach and a sunset.


How Long to Stay

One day, maybe two days. Honestly, if you just check out the beach that has the live music and epic sunsets (shown below) you’ll have seen and done everything you need to here.


Notable Things to See and Do

There are plenty of shops, restaurants and places to go out in Seminyak and although some are quite nice, I find for the most part, many places are just over-priced with lower quality of food (compared to Canggu anyway). I would just focus on hitting up the beach for sunset. Google ‘Double Six Beach’ and that’s where you’ll find a set up like the one pictured below.


The Vibe

Uluwatu is my go-to place for day trips. This is a must if you visit Bali. Uluwatu is pretty much a town full of beautiful beaches and cliffs. In terms of shops and restaurants I’m not too familiar with whether or not there is a variety of places to check out as most people just go for the beach.


How Long to Stay

As beautiful as it is, 1-2 days here should be more than enough time. Below is a typical schedule I suggest my friends follow, to get the most out of Uluwatu…


What to Do?

Beach Day: Padang Padang Beach or Dreamland

What I highly recommend to friends when they visit is to spend the day at a beach in Uluwatu. Padang Padang beach or Dreamland beach are nice options. And dreamlike it is. The sand is white and the water is crystal clear – you can see your toes while swimming! Also, if you have time, Single Fin is a cool beach club to check out, especially at sunset.

Uluwatu Temple/

Uluwatu Temple is a beautiful temple that overlooks the ocean. Be careful of the monkeys though, they’ll steal hats and sunglasses right off your face so you need to be careful with loose belongings.



Tegalalang Rice Field, Ubud, Bali TEGALALANG RICE FIELD, UBUD, BALI

Ubud is a bit more inland which means the beach isn’t close by. It would take about 1 hour to get to Ubud from the airport. That being said, it’s full of: Beautiful temples Rice terraces Yoga The most zen-like atmosphere that you can imagine  

This is the place people think of when they think of Bali. People go for healing and all those good vibes. The town itself is quite small – pretty much two main roads, although it is expanding outwards. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants to keep you busy. That being said, the nightlife here is next to non-existent.


How Long to Stay/

I would suggest two days, maybe three. Any longer and you’ll be bored. After a few days you’ll feel like you’ve seen most of what there is to see in Ubud.


What to Do?

You must also go to Tukie’s Coconut shop for THE most phenomenal coconut ice cream ever.

The Yoga Barn is also a must too. It had one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever had in my life. It’s not your typical yoga studio. It’s a hidden, magical space of pure paradise. I finally understand why the Yogis flock here.

A Temple. Tirta Empul and Pura Taman Saraswati are popular Tegalalang Rice Field Tegenungan Waterfall. Once at the waterfall you can have lunch at one of the beach clubs, atop of the waterfall.

The Different Islands to Check out While in Bali

There are some beautiful islands close to Bali that you must check out. Some are more remote and untouched, and some more touristy, but all of them are stunning and typically have beautiful beaches and crystal blue water. Some of the islands include:

Nusa Penida

Nusa Lembongan

Gili T, Gili Air

Lombok (which unfortunately was the place that got rocked with the earthquakes)

Again, make sure you subscribe below if you want the full guide of The Different Islands to Explore While in Bali


I saved the best for last. Canggu is a small, chill, surf beach town. I’m torn whether or not to admit the amazing-ness of Canggu. This town has BOOMED since I was first here in 2015. As much as it has grown with tourists, it’s still the least touristy of many of the towns. Trust me, make time for Canggu. You won’t be disappointed. Every person who I’ve suggested to go here underestimates how much time they should have allocated for Canggu. There are also a ton of cafes and restaurants to explore here which I’ll save for another blog post.


How Long to Stay

At least three days. Canggu is spread out and there are lots of cafes and restaurants to see. I live here and I’m still not bored of it yet. But if you’re traveling here, three days should give you enough time to get a good taste of Canggu.


What to Do

Check out one of the many beaches, surf spots, restaurants, or cafes. Again, I’ll do another post with all the good cafes and restaurants but for now, here are the beaches you should know about in Canggu.

You vacation in Bali will not be complete without trying the watersports at Tanjung Benoa Beach, located in Nusa Dua. There are many vendors offering different watersports packages. I don’t remember the vendor we approached, but our package included parasailing, jet ski, banana boat, and sea walker.

The highlight of our watersports adventure was definitely the sea walker experience. You’ll be using a unique sea walker helmet design which doesn’t require a dive tank. This soft dive system kind of reminded me of the helmets used by astronauts. A heavy belt will be tied around your waist, to ensure there’s enough weight pulling you downwards to the sea bed. Don’t worry, it sounds deep, but it’s actually only 10 to 15 metres down. My partner and I have never gotten so close to fish and other kinds of amazing sea life!



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